Feint Movements

An unusual look on Egmond aan Zee.
‘Feint Movements’ is an inquiry at the identity of the coastal village Egmond aan Zee in North-Holland. The prominent lighthouse J.C.J. van Speijk as a starting-point of this film project.

For years the lighthouse rotated its lightbeams over the village and the sea; a beacon meant to be seen by ships and sailors. But what is it the tower sees? This movie is made in the same range as the light beams, shot from the top of the tower as well as down in the village. Everyday movements of villagers, horsemen, runners, kytes and tractors.

Three different films are projected simultaneously which give unexpected relations in view and movement.
Together with the soundtrack, a poetic portrait of an unusual Egmond aan Zee is created.
Performed at Karavaan Festival in 2013.

In collaboration with Ester van Waalwijk (film) and Stefaan Smagghe (violin)

Feint Movements
about painters and crows, dogs and runners
about breathing tractors and high tide in the yards
about a father, a child and a ball